Lingzhi 60 Capsules

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  • PREMIUM GRADE LINGZHI MUSHROOM - Lingzhi, Ganoderma Luciduma, a rare and precious mushroom also known as reishi, is harvested wild in the remote mountain forests in Asia.
  • SUPPORT IMMUNE SYSTEM & HEALTHY AGING – Our Lingzhi capsules are a strong support to the immune system for health to support healthy aging.
  • AID GOOD SLEEP – Take 2 capsules in the morning for a well-energized day and enjoy a good, deep sleep at night.
  • HELPS FOCUS & MEMORY – Our Lingzhi capsules help better concentration and memory retention, all the while boosting a healthy energy level to fight tiredness and fatigue.
  • KEEPING YOU BEAUTIFUL – Lingzhi capsules contain various special elements to maintain youthful-looking skin and keep you beautiful.



Vita Green Lingzhi supports the immune system and promotes cell function to maintain immune health.


Lingzhi (reishi) supports increased energy and stamina throughout the days. Our formula is perfect for any time of the day such as helping you get energized and focused in the morning and helping to stay focused and productive in the afternoon. It can help fight fatigue, anxiety, and depression.


Lingzhi supports healthy aging. It enhances focus and overall cognitive functions. Lingzhi promotes mental clarity, provides your body with better sleep and relaxation. It also supports longevity, general wellness, and vitality.


Lingzhi contains anti-aging properties which stimulate antioxidant activity and supports protection mechanisms against free radicals.

Vita Green Lingzhi is 10:1 extract of reishi mushroom, made up of 5+1 types of reishi mushrooms.

Most reishi products from other brands are made with mycelium (mushroom root system grown on grain). Vita Green Lingzhi is made with the fruiting body (the whole mushroom), which contains more nutrients. Indeed, some mushrooms are now successfully cultivated in specialized indoor farms in the US. However, some species of wild functional mushrooms, e.g. violet reishi, yellow reishi, white reishi, black reishi, and green reishi can only be found in China. Therefore, we harvest wild and natural reishi from the tropical rain forests in the southwestern part of China and process extract in our certified factory in Hong Kong. Mushroom powders undergo less processing when the whole mushroom is dried and powdered. More nutrients, including prebiotic fiver, remain available since mushrooms' original qualities are preserved. With less processing, mushroom powders provide a broad range of bioactive compounds.

Made only with wild & natural lingzhi (reishi) harvested from the tropical rain forests of South Western China, Vita Green Lingzhi capsules are manufactured at the highest levels in a GMP and HACCP certified factory in Hong Kong and are all tested by third-party laboratories such as SGS to ensure quality and safety.

Founded in 1993, Vita Green produces and markets health supplements in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. We are dedicated to merging the benefits of Western science to redefine Eastern herbal tradition and to provide uncompromising wellness solutions that delivered the holistic power of natural herbs through modern science. Today, we are proud to offer a range of doctor-formulated herbal supplements, manufactured in our family-owned labs to ensure that every capsule is safe, reliable, and of the highest quality.